Individual trainings

Individual trainings

Individual soccer, motor and mental trainings

Return to sport after injury

Eryk Murawski Trener przygotowania motorycznego, Trener Uefa C, Trener LPA
Trener Eryk Murawski

I am a motor preparation coach at KS Ożarowianka Ożarów and an active player. In addition to playing football in the senior team of KS Ożarowianka, I also play 6-person football. In addition, I train boxing and MMA.

Coaching work is my passion. I like to observe how the competences of my pupils develop and I am very happy with their successes. In order to best adapt the training measures to the individual needs of the players, I have completed many specialized courses. I believe that building a complete player is possible only if the work of the team coach is supported by individual training or training in small groups.

Train with us if you want to be:

  • agile
  • strong and
  • quick!

If you want to enjoy long-term sports in good health –


Individual football trainings

Advantages of
individual or small group training

  • Returning to fitness after
    injury or after COVID-19
  • Work on individual deficits and individual predispositions
  • Two trainers during classes
  • Improving the technique
  • Maximum contact with the ball
  • General development of motor skills
Yury Holtsau Individual training

Martial arts trainings

We invite you to martial arts training. We conduct classes in boxing, wrestling and MMA. We have safe sports facilities equipped with training mats and sports equipment necessary to start the adventure with martial arts. The most important thing for us is the safety of the trainees.

Individual motor trainings

Motor training is an essential complement to the training of every athlete. An important element of this training is preventive training, which consists of corrective exercises aimed at strengthening key muscle groups (e.g. in adductor muscle football), increasing mobility in the joints and muscle flexibility. 

Motor training benefits

Motor training through comprehensive development of the athlete: improving speed, strength, flexibility, jumping, motor coordination and stability will allow him to achieve better results and ensure long-term development. 

The best moment to start

It is worth starting motor training as early as possible, because it is much easier to learn a new movement pattern than to correct an incorrectly learned pattern. Motor training during the growth period of the player is very important, because it will allow you to quickly compensate for the typical loss of coordination during this period.

The role of motor trainings in football

Motor preparation of a football player is an element of training, the effects of which the player will quickly notice and appreciate. As a result of the training, performance on the pitch will be improved, as speed, power, strength, endurance, motor coordination and reaction time will develop. Injury prevention will increase your chances of staying injury-free throughout the round.


In the motor training of a football player, I pay attention to the complexity of training. I work on stabilizing the muscles of the trunk, because in this discipline we are dealing with frequent changes in the direction of running at high speeds. The muscles of the trunk play a protective role for the whole organism. In addition, they provide power transfer between the upper and lower parts of the body. We perform a number of plyometric exercises to improve the flexibility of the body and better generate power. These exercises reduce the risk of injury and allow you to produce power in less time. We train linear and multidirectional speed. We develop strength, because it is the basis for developing speed – especially starting speed, which gives an advantage over the opponent.

Preparation for martial arts competition

In the motor training of a martial arts athlete, we distinguish 2 variants: preparation for the competition and preparation for the season. The difference is that in the first case, the training must be conducted in such a way as to reach the peak of form during the competition. In the first phase, we train strength and endurance, then power and speed, and at the end of the preparation for the competition we focus only on tactics and speed.

Preparation for martial arts season

Motor preparation for the season is designed not to disturb the starting disposition of the player, he must focus not only on developing the form, but also maintaining it throughout the season. In this case, we start motor training before the season to work out the form, then we analyze the player’s performances and select training measures according to the motor characteristics that need improvement.


We start working with the athlete by assessing the player’s fitness, then we practice basic movement patterns with him and gradually move on to more advanced exercises. In many exercises for footballers, we try to use the ball to diversify the training measures and at the same time improve the technique.

We apply an individual approach to the players. we analyze the strengths and weaknesses of the player and in this respect we carefully select training measures. Based on our own experience and completed courses, we know and recognize the needs of players.

Modern methods

We use modern training methods, the centers in which we conduct trainings are equipped with professional equipment. We build individual training programs for each player, perform tests and monitor progress.